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Nobody is less valuable as a coach because they don’t know how to build a business doing what they love!


Let’s be clear…

Struggling to build a coaching business has nothing to do with one’s ability to coach!

I mean after all…

Vincent Van Gogh dying penniless is not a reflection of his artistic abilities.

Lady coaches are NOT struggling because of their lack of ability to coach.

They’re struggling because of the lack of a sound business plan.

99% of coaches are awesome human beings with gigantic hearts that just want to help. Coaches want to make a living helping so they can help some more.

..let’s be honest,

Struggling lady coaches are trying to make a living on structureless hodgepodge wannabe business plans that aren’t producing results.

Aaaand it’s not even their fault!!!

Low-cost (or free) courses teaching a specific area of building a business are common! What’s lacking is the knowledge of putting it all together. Which not many experts are teaching…

This is keeping people stuck!

It’s heartbreaking to hear how many coaches can relate to…

Scrolling past coaches celebrating x-figure goals while singing the “why can’t I” blues.

Applying strategies top coaches suggest without anything to show for it.

Family members questioning when they’ll pull their head out of the clouds and start being realistic.

The idea of being a booked out coach seeming faaaaaar away…yet so close.

Luckily it’s possible to create a plan so smooth that it feels like sliding on ice to clients 🙌

❄ We’ll call it the Ice Ice baby plan! ❄

Such a plan would mean…

More time coaching (aka helping people)

More money to enjoy the freedom life (aka travel)

More family members wishing they didn’t bash the “head in the clouds” dreams

If this plan sounds like something for you, say “I” and read on!

70% of businesses who survive past their 5th year follow a strategic business plan.

While 50% of new businesses die within five years.

In other words…

Not having a sound business plan doesn’t only hurt at startup, it stings FOREVER!

Also, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of signing up for another little course that promises the WHOLE WORLD without having a streamlined plan for your business.

Now that you’re #woke on the (ice ice baby) business plan idea, it’s time to introduce the solution!


The yearlong mastermind

helping lady coaches develop a solid system to book clients on repeat. ♻

Consistent Clients Mastermind teaches a proven system that has resulted in a combined total of over 300 clients.

It provides a unique easy to follow approach to teaching the business side of coaching.

Giving each coach…

a structure that is strong enough to book clients while leaving space for one’s intuition, personality, and lifestyle choices.

Cuz we gotta make space for your awesomeness!

Each client will walk away with:

A clear personalized structured business plan

A fully mapped out irresistible offer (or more)

A profitable launch plan for that offer

The know-how to frame and communicate the offer

A rinse and repeat system that saves weeks of planning

An upleveled CEO mindset

The knowledge of what works for their business based on the experience of applying the Consistent Clients system (aka the ice ice baby plan)

So what exactly will you learn?

The 18 video lessons will be broken down based on the 3 pillars to the Consistent Clients system. Mindset, Clarity and Offer.

Broken down as follow…

  • Setting achievable goals
  • The self-confidence boost
  • Reaching your goals every time
  • The secret to getting results fast
  • Marketing effortlessly
  • Healing the money story
  • Your profitable niche
  • Business identity
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Organizing business tasks
  • Business marketing plan
  • Selling without feeling icky
  • Create an irresistible coaching offer
  • Make your offer stand out
  • Mapping your offer
  • Create your offer
  • Killer plan for a successful launch
  • The sell-out plan
For support purposes, you will also get…

1 Year Access to Weekly Consistent Clients Mastermind Calls

Every Thursday, mastermind members will gather at 10am EST for a coaching call. During this call, we will cover the most pressing issues the group needs while giving time for hotspot coaching.

There will be an implementation week every last Thursday of the month. That means no call. A time to take a break or implement the teachings.

The Consistent Clients Transformational Workbook

Over 50 pages of step-by-step easy to follow questions to apply everything learned in the video lessons.

Because knowledge without application is like the wind without a sail to harness it.

Exclusive Consistent Clients Mastermind Members Only Group

This group is the place to ask for feedback and support in between mastermind calls. It’s also a place to collaborate with other mastermind members.

Bonus #1

Lady Coach Lounge

The step-by-steps of applying different strategies, apps and software. This means no more hitting up Google for answers that may not apply to your coaching business. The Lady Coach Lounge also includes all my courses.

Bonus #2

Making it Happen Workshop

The hack to close the gap between where you are and where you wish to be. We all know things that we don’t apply. This workshop teaches how to fill that gap consistently.

What makes Consistent Clients Mastermind different?

Personal touch

Humans can understand something without grasping how they can apply it.

Whenever you’re stuck trying to figure out how to apply something in your business, I’ll be around to coach you through it. Either through answering the question in our private group or on the coaching calls.

… This also includes tech questions.

No BS streamlined business plan that leaves space for you

Consistent Clients Mastermind is not about forcing anyone to do things that do not fit with their personality or lifestyle. It’s about creating a plan to run Your Business Your Way.

Members will be challenged to leave their comfort zone BUT in a way that fits who they are.

Community is at the center of it all

Building an online business can be really lonely. It doesn’t have to be though.

You could have virtual colleagues. Each one in their private corner offices with a view. Just a phone call away when you need some support. Since all the colleagues chose to be there (just like you), they’re in a good mood 99% of the time.

These colleagues will be there to celebrate your wins and collaborate at any time.

The easy 3 steps to Consistent Clients

Sign up right away.

Once you do, you will immediately gain access to all the lessons, workbook and find the exclusive Facebook group.

Learn + apply.

Go through the training and apply the step-by-step process to create a profitable coaching business. While receiving feedback, support and coaching for an entire year.

Let it rain clients.

Allow yourself to receive the clients who will easily find, fall in love and book you.

“Consistent Clients Mastermind exceeded any expectations I had going in. Doing Zero to Clients first was a really good set up and I’d definitely recommend doing that first to folx so they get an idea of what to expect.” – EE

What will all this cost you?

Sure, it’s possible to keep joining free training, buying small courses and getting ideas from other people’s businesses

…without knowing how to bring it all together in a system that works.

OR you could take the shortcut.

Get the step-by-step understanding and support needed to reach a fully booked status in 2021.

…regardless of the pandemic situation.

Be DONE with trying to figure the business side of coaching.

In a year’s time you could be ready to hire assistants to do the things you don’t like doing, so you can focus on what you love…

Coaching + living life!

Grab the Consistent Clients system today and learn how coaches are earning $4,000+ a month doing what they love.

Let’s round up all that you get…

  • 1 Year Access to Weekly Consistent Clients Mastermind Calls – $5,772 value
  • 18 Easy to Follow Video Lessons$1746 value
  • The Consistent Clients Transformative Workbook – $325 value
  • Exclusive Consistent Clients Mastermind Members Only Group – $399 value
  • 1 Year Lady Coach Lounge Access – $499 value
  • Making It Happen Workshop – $249 value

Total value? $8,990


…but I know that investment or hiring a 1-on-1 business coach may be a stretch for you right now.

I also know that you are eager to have a fully booked coaching business with a guaranteed monthly income.

So I’ve made it way more accessible and added an extended payment plan.

Let’s do the damn thing!

You can join the Consistent Clients Mastermind today for…

12 Monthly payments of $199

(or get 2 months FREE with the pay in full option of $1,999)

But hurry!!!

There are only 3 spots at this price.

Afterward, it will be $250 monthly to join.

You snooze you lose…

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think a mom of two littles without a whole lot of child care could have $1,500- $4,000 cash months consistently.

Sheedia took me from paralyzed to do my first live videos to gifting me the mindset to innovate and innovate and innovate all on my terms and with my own solutions to my personal business and time problems”

Christi Bernard

Branding + Design Expert

“Working with Sheedia is entirely worth the personal/emotional, financial and time investment. She makes it enjoyable and easy to learn and apply that learning in an incredibly supportive environment.

Eilidh Ellery

“I feel that many things were healed and I have a plan I can always go back to and do it over and over and tweak it to work for me

Melanie Serrano

“She understood exactly what I had in mind for my business and was able to help me sort out the areas where I needed assistance and gave me wonderful advice to move on with confidence!. I love just how she brightens the world of possibilities and speaks confidence deep into the soul! This woman sees no problems, only possibilities and solutions!!

Naraleska Perez

“Sheedia is awesome because she’s always checking in on you seeing how things are going. She wants to make sure that you’re feeling your best. She’s also making sure that you take time for yourself and if you need to step back from things. She really does embody Your Business Your Way

Lonnie Mitchell

Happiness Guarantee

Oh, and if you’re not happy, I’m not happy — if within 30 days, you give it a whirl, and realize it’s not for you, just show me your work and hop on a quick call with me to let me know how I can improve, and I’m more than happy to buy it back! Click here to read the full policy.

So who exactly is this Sheedia person?

I’m a bubbly business coach that has spent a majority of my adult life living outside of the box.

I believe that everyone deserves to live life on their own terms.

Especially lady coaches, since they’re gifted with the ability to transform lives for the better.

That’s why Consistent Clients Mastermind exists. To help lady coaches transform lives while living life to the fullest.

And you my friend, have the opportunity to create that type of life.

Are you ready?

How to know if you’re a perfect match for

Consistent Clients Mastermind…


You have been a coach for a while but still feel like you’re practically new. Struggling to pick a direction and sticking to it. As a result, none of your decisions feel particularly intentional, deliberate or planned out.

You absolutely love coaching but currently feel lost and unsure what direction you’re going with your coaching business. You feel like you’re missing structure and the knowledge of how to frame and clearly communicate your ideas to others.

You feel as if you’re in one big loop. You put out great ideas but not many people bite and this is playing on your enoughness.

You have been dabbling around taking different free and paid courses that feel like the answer but end up leaving you lost on how to apply it all.

You’re ready to give the middle finger to societal norms to fully create a life on your terms.

You desire to have people in your corner to validate that you are going in the right direction.

time is running out!

It all comes down to this:

How much will it cost you to continue trying on your own?

You are more than welcome to continue trying a hodgepodge of strategies that slightly make sense. While your dreams continue to collect dust on your vision board.

Not to mention the people that continue to struggle because they need your help but have no idea you can help them.

That might be costing you more than joining the Consistent Clients Mastermind. If that’s the case, don’t wait any longer.

Grab the shortcut to your dreams

that come with a buttload of guidance and support!

You have till the clock runs out to make a decision.

Tik Tok…

Sheedia is funny and down to earth. I love that she doesn’t re-record if she messes up, she just keeps going. She’s relatable and knows her stuff.”

Beth Blanco

Money Mindset Coach